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Moon phase embossed soft enamel metal brooch - Round & Hexagon

brass base with embossed soft enamel.


Round Size: 50mmx50mm

Hexagon Size: 45mmx43mm


Please notice:
Due to the electroplating process and the color we choose,

the plating color on the back can't be very even,

it is the inevitable outcome.


Design by Lin Chia Ning.

Photos credited to Lin Chia Ning.

Moon Phase Metal Brooch - Lin Chia Ning LCN Design

  • Ideal for a planner, journal, scrapbook, decoration, snail mail, craft, gift wrapping, packaging and etc.


    Please understand that the color in photos might be slightly different from the actual product due to various picture settings on your screen or the lights when the pictures are taken.


    Notice there might be slight odor of glue when open the seal which will fade away in couple days.

  • We highly recommend you read Store Policies page carefully before purchasing.

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